70 app analytics companies have raised $1.36 billion

This is our survey of providers covering :

– app analytics

– game analytics

– mobile CRM solutions (push notifications + in-app messaging) that may offer analytics components

– attribution analytics & tracking

– app marketing automation (combination of attribution, analytics, mobile CRM)


UPDATE : 2017 January 18th


According to Crunchbase, these 70 companies have raised circa $1360 million since 2010.

The geographic split shows the dynamics of US West Coast with 46% of the total amount raised by 29 companies. The rest is US East Coast (20%, 12 companies), Asia (22%, 1à companies) and Europe (13%, 19 companies). Each US company has raised $22 million on average, but European companies have raised only $9 million and Asian companies have raised $29 million per firm (but Appannie has a very strong impact) .

Some companies have been acquired by famous tech giants : IBM, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Alibaba, Yahoo.

This post will be updated on a regular basis.

Appannie (store analytics) 157,0 (China, Beijing) Asia
Appsflyer (attribution analytics) 83,1 (Israël, Hetzelia) Asia
Mixpanel (analytics) 77,0 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
Urban Airship (app marketing automation) 76,5 (USA, Portland, OR) West Coast
SessionM (app marketing automation) 73,5 (USA, Boston, MA) East Coast
Flurry (acquired by YAHOO) 63,3 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
Localytics (app marketing automation) 59,8 (USA, Boston, MA) East Coast
Branch Metrics (deep linking) 53,1 (USA, Palo Alto, CA) West Coast
Crittercism (analytics) 48,7 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
Leanplum (analytics) 46,3 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
Appboy (app marketing automation) 45,1 (USA, New York, NY) East Coast
Tune (attribution analytics) 36,4 (USA, Seattle, WA) West Coast
Webtrekk (analytics) 35,1 (Germany, Berlin) Europe
Upsight (analytics) 31,3 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
Fiksu (attribution analytics) 26,7 (USA, Boston, MA) East Coast
Amplitude (analytics) 26,0 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
Verto Analytics (analytics) 23,9 (Finland, Espoo) Europe
Adelphic Mobile (attribution analytics) 23,0 (USA, Waltham, MA) East Coast
Swrve (game analytics) 21,1 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
Chartboost (game marketing platform) 21,0 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
AT Internet (analytics) 19,0 (France, Bordeaux) Europe
Aptimize (analytics) 18,5 (USA, Menlo Park, CA) West Coast
Followanalytics (app marketing automation) 17,0 (France, Paris) Europe
Trademob (attribution analytics) 15,0 (Germany, Berlin) Europe
Insert (app marketing automation) 15,0 (Israël, Yakum) Asia
Apsalar (app marketing automation) 14,8 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
Batch (app marketing automation) 13,5 (France, Paris) Europe
Placed (analytics) 13,4 (USA, Seattle, WA) West Coast
Heap (analytics) 13,0 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
Onavo Insights (acquired by FACEBOOK) 13,0 (USA, Palo Alto, CA) West Coast
Adjust (attribution analytics) 12,6 (Germany, Berlin) Europe
Umeng (acquired by ALIBABA) 10,0 (China, Beijing) Asia
Clevertap (app marketing automation) 9,6 (USA, Sunnyvale, CA) West Coast
Accengage (app marketing automation) 9,0 (France, Paris) Europe
mParticle (app data collection) 8,8 (USA, New York, NY) East Coast
Playnomics (game analytics) 8,2 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
GameAnalytics (acquired by MOBVISTA) 8,0 (Denmark, Copenhagen) Europe
Fuller (analytics) 7,3 (Japan, Chiba) Asia
Artisan (analytics) 7,0 (USA, Philadelphia, PA) East Coast
MoEngage (app marketin automation) 6,8 (India Bangalore) Asia
Adyapper (attribution analytics) 6,7 (USA, Chicago, IL) East Coast
Xtify (acquired by IBM) 6,6 (USA, New York, NY) East Coast
Apptentive (CRM) 6,5 (USA, Seattle, WA) West Coast
Crashlytics (acquired by TWITTER) 6,0 (USA, Cambridge, MA) East Coast
adsquare (location analytics) 5,7 (Germany, Berlin) Europe
Apptopia (analytics) 5,5 (USA, Boston, MA) East Coast
YouAppi (app marketing automation) 5,0 (Israël, Raanana) Asia
Taplytics (A/B testing) 4,8 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
Bluebridge (app marketing automation) 4,8 (USA, Fishers, IN) East Coast
Remerge (audience management) 4,0 (Germany, Berlin) Europe
5rocks (acquired by TAPJOY) 4,0 (Korea, Seoul) Asia
Keen.io (analytics) 3,2 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
Appsee (analytics) 3,0 (Israël, Tel Aviv) Asia
Mobile Action (store analytics) 2,8 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
Mopapp (store analytics, CLOSED) 2,6 (Italy/UK, Londres) Europe
Otherlevels (app marketin automation) 2,3 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
MobileRQ (app marketing automation) 2,0 (USA, Portland, OR) West Coast
Dashbot (bot analytics) 2,0 (USA, San Francisco, CA) West Coast
PrioriData (store anaytics) 2,0 (Germany, Berlin) Europe
Capptain (acquired by MICROSOFT) 2,0 (France, Paris) Europe
Appoxee (acquired by TERADATA) 1,8 (Israël, Tel Aviv) Asia
Pyze (app marketing automation) 1,7 (USA, Redwood City, CA) West Coast
Claritics (CLOSED) 1,5 (USA, Moutain View, CA) West Coast
MyElefant (app marketing automation) 1,5 (France, Paris) Europe
Converser (acquired by SWRVE) 1,2 (Ireland, Dublin) Europe
Liquid (analytics) 1,0 (Portugal, Lisbon) Europe
Heatma.ps (analytics) 0,4 (Poland, Warsaw) Europe
AppAnalytics.io (analytics) 0,3 (USA, San Jose, CA) West Coast
Trak.io (app marketing automation) 0,2 (UK, Londres) Europe
BugSense (analytics) 0,1 (USA, Sunnyvale, CA) West Coast

Facebook App Install : 2013 figures and 2014 forecast

Thanks to these two great articles


we have now a clear view about the evolution of downloads generated by Mobile App Install Ad

Our forecast is that 2013 figures will be mulitplied by 3 times in 2014.

Downloads (million) Growth
Q1 25
Q2 46 84%
Q3 74 61%
Q4 100 35%
2013 245
Q1 130 30%
Q2 164 26%
Q3 201 22%
Q4 239 19%
2014 734

82 billion dowloads in 2013 on the 4 main app stores

We have compiled all cumulated downloads figures published by Apple App Store, Google Play, Blackberry App World and Windowsphone.
The yearly amount of downloads is growing fast

2009 : 2.8 billion downloads
2010 : 9.3 billion downloads (+232%)
2011 : 21.5 billion downloads (+131%)
2012 : 43.6 billion dowloads (+103%)
2013 : 82.0 billion downloads (+88%).

Our 2013 forecast is based on the H1 2013 numbers (36.9 billion) and the average ratio H2/H1 (1.22).

In the charts below, the “Goople” duopoly is very strong.

Cumulated downloads per store

Cumulated downloads per store

Quarterly downloads per store

Quarterly downloads per store

European companies offering solutions and services to app publishers

This is our first draft. Please do not hesitate to suggest other companies in the comment section.

2013, October 11 : 34 companies ($115+ million)

Company (Country, HQ) Financing – Activities

.@GameAnalytics (Denmark, Copenhagen) $2.5 million – game analytics
.@fortumo (Estonia, Tartu) $10 million – payment
.@applifier (Finland, Helsinki) $6 million – cross promotion
.@ad4screen (France, Paris) $10 million – media buying + download tracking
.@appgratis (France, Paris) $13,5 million – discovery
.@appsfire (France, Paris + Israël, Tel Aviv) $4,2 million – discovery + app analytics, crm, ad analytics & tracking
.@apptamin (France, Montpellier) bootstrapping – app marketing
.@capptain_HQ (France, Paris) $1.5 million app analytics + relationship management
.@follow_apps (France, Paris) bootstrapping – app analytics + relationship management
.@mbrand3 (France, Paris) Mobile Network Group – ad network
.@Numbate (France, Paris) bootstrapping – ad network
.@s4mobile (France, Paris) bootstrapping – DSP
.@storeslytics (France, Paris) bootstrapping – store analytics
.@surikatesk (France, Paris) bootstrapping – media buying + discovery
.@adevencom (Germany, Berlin) $5.5 million – dowload tracking + store analytics
.@applift (Germany, Berlin) $13 million – game marketing
.@apprupt (Germany, Hamburg) undisclosed amount – ad network
.@madvertise (Germany, Berlin) $10+ million – ad network
.@Prioridata (Germany, Berlin) bootstrapping – store analytics
.@sponsormob (Germany, Berlin) bootstrapping – ad network
.@SponsorPay (Germany, Berlin) $10 million – ad network
.@Trademob (Germany, Berlin) $15+ million media buying + download tracking
.@xyo_net (Germany, Berlin) undisclosed amount – discovery
.@converser (Ireland, Dublin) $1.2 million – app analytics + relationship management
.@appturbo (Italy, Paris!) bootstrapping – discovery
.@mopapp (UK, London) $2.6 million – business intelligence
.@distimo (Netherlands, Utrecht) bootstrapping – store analytics
.@heatma_ps (Poland, Warsaw) $0.4 million – analytics
.@ad4kids (Spain, Sevilla) bootstrapping – ad network
.@widespacemobile (Sweden, Stockholm) $3.8 million – ad network
.@gocountly (Turkey, Istanbul) bootstrapping – analytics
.@adfonic (UK, London) $8.1 million – DSP
.@GamesAnalytics (UK, Edinburgh) $1.3 million – game analytics
.@magicsolver (UK, Cambridge) bootstrapping – discovery

3 million apps at Year End 2013

We have compiled a lot of figures and we can tell you that there will be 3 million apps available on smartphones, tablets and computers at the end of 2013.

If you don’t believe us, please see below our numbers based on figures released by major stores (we made also some assumptions regarding missing data).

At mid 2013, 2.4 million apps are available on the 6 major stores (Apple App Store, Google Play, Samsung Apps, Windowsphone Store, Blackberry App World, Amazon App-shop)


We must add circa 150k apps available on computers at mid 2013, mainly on Windows 8 Store (please note that since YE 2011, no data are available for Chrome Web Store).


Therefore, the amount of apps available will reach 3 million at YE 2013 (+50% vs YE 2012).